We currently have an extensive range of Luxury Ice Cream and Sorbets (alcoholic and non alcoholic). Made locally in West Wales by Mario’s, where they have over 40 years experience in traditional ice cream making techniques. Mario ensures that all his milk and double cream is sourced from the lushest Welsh pastures. One of the secrets behind his multi award winning luxury ice cream is the best milk and cream from local family farms….not to mention a little Italian passion thrown in for good measure. Mario’s method of ageing overnight results in a subtle texture and unsurpassed flavour hence the multiple awards won.

Ice Creams

Fresh Cream Vanilla. Mario’s award winning vanilla ice cream made with Madagascan vanilla

Clotted Cream Vanilla. Vanilla flavoured clotted cream ice cream

Banoffee. A banana and toffee flavoured ice cream, swirled with a caramel ripple and biscuit pieces

Lemon Meringue. A Lemon Meringue flavoured ice cream. Tangy!!

Brecon Honey. Mario’s award winning honey ice cream rippled with a Brecon honey

Turkish Delight. A delicate fragrant luxury ice cream full of eastern promise, complimented with real Belgian chocolate pieces

Mint Choc Chip. A refreshing green mint ice cream with Belgian chocolate chunks

Oreo. Mario’s award winning vanilla ice cream rippled with a luxury chocolate fudge sauce and oreo biscuit pieces

Fruits Of The Forest Ripple. Mario’s award winning vanilla ice cream rippled with a luxury ripple made with blueberries, blackcurrants, raspberries, and other fruits

Supermix. Mario’s award winning dairy ice cream swirled with a luxury caramel ripple with pecan nuts, chocolate chunks and butterscotch pieces. One of Mario’s oldest flavours!

Rum N Raisin. Another award winning ice cream. A smooth rum flavoured ice cream swirled with raisins. Another old classic!

Coconut. A smooth indulgent coconut ice cream with the luxury of coconut sprinkled throughout. A truly tropical taste!

White Chocolate. A luxury dairy white chocolate ice cream with chunks of white chocolate. A white chocolate lover’s dream!

Strawberries N Cream. Mario’s award winning indulgent strawberry ice cream made with real strawberry pieces which will send your taste buds up to cloud nine

Chocoholic. A chocoholic’s dream. Pure Belgian chocolate welsh dairy ice cream made with 100% Belgian chocolate and scattered with real Belgian chocolate pieces

Caramel Clotted Fudge. A creamy smooth blend of caramel dairy ice cream, scattered with caramel fudge pieces. A fudge lover’s dream!

Sticky Toffee Pudding. Prepare your taste buds for a sweet creamy concoction of toffee flavoured ice cream and sticky toffee pudding pieces

Raspberry Ripple. Mario’s award winning dairy vanilla ice cream with a raspberry ripple swirled into it. Just like the old days!

Honeycombe. Mario’s award winning vanilla ice cream swirled with a luxury caramel sauce to which is added crunchy honeycombe pieces

Biscoffi Ripple. Dairy ice cream with caramelised biscuit crumbs rippled with biscoffi sauce

Blue Bubblegum. No dairy, but plenty of flavour. Our bubblegum flavoured ice cream gives you a taste sensation and a blue tongue too!

Coffee Ripple. A smooth Café Latte ice cream with a coffee ripple. An absolute must for any coffee lover!

Pistachio. An irresistible pistachio flavoured ice cream made with fresh double cream

Nutty But Nice. A luxuriously smooth dairy hazelnut ice cream with hazelnut and crunchy crumbed biscuit to leave you in chocolate heaven – Just like Ferrero Rocher!!!

Mango & Passionfruit. Mario’s award winning mango ice cream swirled with the finest passion fruit ripple

Salted Caramel. Mario’s award winning vanilla ice cream swirled with salted caramel ripple and salted caramel crunch balls

Peanut Butter & Salted Caramel Crunch. Peanut butter flavoured ice cream swirled with a caramel ripple and salted caramel crunch balls

Chocolate Fudge Brownie. Mario’s award winning chocolate ice cream with real chocolate fudge brownie pieces and swirled with a chocolate ripple

Malteaseme. Dairy malt chocolate ice cream with crisped rice pieces coated in chocolate

Snickrone. Peanut butter ice cream with peanut & chocolate pieces swirled with a caramel ripple

Clotted Cream & Blackcurrant Ripple. Irresistible cornish clotted cream ice cream with a blackcurrant ripple

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. Biscuit flavoured ice cream with cookie dough, choc chip pieces swirled with cookie dough ripple

Bueno. White chocolate ice cream with hazelnut ripple and milk chocolate drops. Just like Kinder Bueno!

Triple Peach. Peach ice cream with a peach ripple and peach Fruit

St David’s. Rum flavoured ice cream with bara brith pieces swirled with a caramel ripple. Welsh pride!!

Raspberry Pavalova. Mario’s Raspberry ripple ice cream with meringue pieces

Unicorn. Strawberry flavoured ice cream with a bubblegum ripple, multi coloured sugar strands and blue sugar crunch. Kids Paradise!!!!

Banana. Banana flavour ice cream with chocolate ripple

Dairy Free Ice Cream

Vanilla. Dairy free, vegan vanilla flavoured iced dessert

Strawberry. Dairy free, vegan strawberry flavoured iced dessert

Chocolate. Dairy free, vegan chocolate flavoured iced dessert

Salted Caramel. Dairy free, vegan salted caramel flavoured iced dessert

Raspberry Ripple. Dairy free, vegan raspberry ripple flavoured iced dessert


Raspberry. A mouth watering sorbet made with pure raspberries. nice & smooth. Fat free!

Blackcurrant. Taste the blackcurrants. Fat free!

Apple Cider. A refreshing apple sorbet with cider. fat free! Worth the guilt.

Mandarin. A refreshing sorbet made with pure mandarin. Fat free!

Lemon. A refreshingly tangy lemon sorbet with real lemons. Fat free!

Red Cherry. A sharp red cherry flavoured sorbet.

Strawberry. A refreshing sorbet, just the thing for summer’s day. Fat free!

Mango. A tropical taste of mango. Fat free!

Coconut Sorbet. Taste of paradise!!!

Prosecco. An alcoholic sorbet made with prosecco.

Prosecco & Strawberry. A prosecco sorbet with a refreshing strawberry flavour.